We aim to meet the demands of those looking for a home by updating our site in real time and maintaining constant contact with the owners of the properties available. What matters to us is to provide a courteous, precise and constant service.


We want to expand the range of our work more and more, without neglecting the human contact for us fundamental for growth and loyalty.


Infoalloggi.it is the online project of Arcenia S.r.L. innovative real estate service companies, born in 2000 to offer individuals looking for a home to meet and negotiate directly with owners who offer home.

Arcenia Ecosystem

Arca Centro Informazione Alloggi

Our office, present in Bassano del Grappa for twenty years. We offer our service with direct contact and through operator.


Online service, which allows access to our services through a single platform.

Arca Consulting

Our consultancy service allows you to receive assistance in the contractual context, stipulation of leases of various nature and electronic registration and all subsequent obligations.

Arca Service

Thanks to our experience and partnership with selected professionals we are able to meet all the needs in real estate, offering various services similar to real estate.

ARCENIA S.r.L.  Via Beata Giovanna 1 - 36061 Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) - Italy