Here are the basic steps of our service

Service guide

Guide to the Infoalloggi service


Any information reported here can be easily retrieved on our site on the pages: How it Works , Questions and Answers , Visit Guide it's the online service of Arca Centro Informazione Alloggi.

The site offers free consultation of announcements updated daily. Centro Informazione Alloggi it is not a real estate agency, our job is to put individuals in contact to meet supply and demand.

How to find a home with

To use our service you need to follow a few simple points:

·        Subscribe to the site (by email or using social media)

"Login" button on the top right or "Register" button in every ad

·        Save the ads that best represent yours needs, click on the "heart" that you find in the ad to have it in the Saved Adverts section of you researved area

·        Activate the pack that most corresponds your needs che più corrisponde alle tue esigenze

In the Pack page you'll find all the information and you can purchase the service

At the time of purchase you will have to enter your data (expml. identity document, payment method ...) to be able to continue all the information and you can purchase the service

·        On the "Saved Adverts" page, complete your profile choosing the features you are looking for in a property and having them enter you can continue

·        ONLY IF SHORT TIME RENT (AFFITTO BREVE DURATA): Request the " Contact Unlock "from our people operators, when the unlocking has been carried out an email will be sent to you confirmation.

More info on the " Short Duration " in the Questions and Answers page

·        Click on GENERATE PDF ADVERT to create the PDF of the ad in question. The owner will receive an automatic notification with your contacts (name and phone number) by notifying you of your interest to visit the property shortly

·        Press the VIEW CONTACT button to make the ad appear in PDF format complete with owner data and property address.

·        Now you can call the owner and establish a appointment to visit his accommodation

·        After visiting the property with the owner will be required , at in order to be able to unblock other ads, to carry out the EVALUATION CONTACT .

·        At this point you can continue with the your search or CONFIRM the property following the procedure that will be communicated to you via email.

ATTENTIONI: By clicking on the "DO YOU WANT TO CONFIRM?" button you are sending a request for confirmation of the property to the owner but it will be up to it then to decide whether to confirm or not.

P.S: The ads that contain the word ADS IN VERIFICATION are immobile that are not currently can be visited, we await communication from the owner. Send us one email with the ad code and we will notify your interest to the landlord.