Questions and answers for those seeking and offering home

Questions and Answers

I bought a pack, after how long will I be able to contact the owner?

Immediatly if you paid with PayPal. Instead if you have chosen to pay with by bank transfer, you will have to wait for the confirmation times that do not exceed 24/h.

How to log in?

To access in your private area, just enter your previously chosen username and password. If, on the other hand, registration was made via social network, just click on social media icon chosen to enter. If you not yet registered click "log in" and complete the form. You are not obliged to pay a pack to sign up, you can also just save your favorite announcement to always have them on hand.

How can I change my password?

Click on "Forgot password? Recover" under the space dedicated to log in and follow the procedure to re-enter new password, you can change it any time. In the event you registered via social network, simply click on the relevant icon.

What I find in my Infoalloggi account?

You will find all the data of the purchased pack, the guide for how to proceed with the visit of a property, your saved and compared announce, the owners references and the technical data sheets of the property, your rating and much more.

How I can delete my account?

Simply sending us an account cancellation email to

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the form on "contact" page of our site, by sending an email to, by phone or if you prefer also by chat.

Who has access to my personal data?

Nobody. All your personal data is protected whitin Infoalloggi. The computerized procedure allows the exchange of information between those seeking and offering us directly between them when deciding to visit a property.

How do I request informations/additional photos from the owner?

Infoalloggi favors a direct contact between buyer and seller so if you are a potential buyer when visiting the property or a subsequent appointment, you can request further information from the owner or if you prefer send us an email to and we will send him the requests made.

I visit a house that I like and I want confirm it. How can I do?

After viewing the property we ask you to enter your rating, describing the outcome in a few words by clicking on "evaluate contact" and then confirm it clicking on "confirm property" waiting confirmation from the owner or your Infoalloggi consultant. Only after receiving confirmation of the accomodation you can follow the procedure for assigning the property.

I’ve a house and I would like to sell it/ rent it. How can I advertise it?

If you not already registered as an owner discover ‘Free Pack’ dedicated to new users, in a few simple steps your announcement will be online. If you are already registered you will just have to go to the '"owners'" section and choose the pack that best meets your needs.

How can I insert an announcement?

Infoalloggi allows owners who want to sell or rent a home to do so in a few simple steps, it will be sufficient to activate a promotion service located on the "owners" page and choose the pack according to their needs. Just fill in the form of the characteristics of your property and insert the photos, we'll take care of the rest.

How do I edit or delete my announcement after publishing it? How do I edit inserted photos?

Log into your Infoalloggi account and you will find an "edit announcement" field there you can add or delete the inserted photos and modify the information present, or if you prefer send us an email with the changes to be made to Of course, no additional cost will be required.

How much cost Infoalloggi promotion?

It costs only 247€ (guarantee satisfied or refunded) if you rent or 477€ if you sell, this will be your only cost. Even when we help you manage the appointment, we will not charge you other fees or commissions.

How people interested in my property contact me?

The contact system between those who search and who offers is automated by sending emails and SMS containing the references of the interested parties. Appoinments for visit the accomodations will be decided together privately.