Our tips



1 – Select the most interesting announcement.

We advise you to take into consideration even those announcement that are not accompanied by photos, visiting the properties you can discover all its strengths and weaknesses.

Discover through the maps and the Street View direction where the property is located and what you will find nearby. This means that you can really understand if a property can do or not for you, fixing an appointment only for the most interesting announcement.

And if the request is higher than budget, you can always try to make your offer.


2 – Visit the property.

After setting up a meeting with the owner, you can visit the property and you can discover the sensations that the house gives you. Here the emotions often wins over rationality, but don’t let be distracted by secondary elements such as furniture or cleanliness: the real business is made by those who can take the hidden potential of a building.

If the impact is positive, visit it a second time preferably at a different time and with a trusted person, so as to have another point of view and better evaluate some factors, such as silence and brightness throughout the day.


3 – Consider all costs.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, before making your offer check all the costs that are not included in rental contract, such as condominium and heating costs, so as to compare different solutions and be sure of being able to sustain a log-term rental.


4 – Make your offer.

Thanks to the experience of Infoalloggi team, we help you manage all the rental phases: rental proposal, the contract, the payment and registration taxes.


5 – Confirm your choice.

Have you made your evaluations and do you think the chosen property is interesting?

All you have to do is confirm it using the procedure you find in the announcement property form.



1 – Take photo and video of impact.

In your announcement photos are essential to be able to sell or rent your property and to take them you don’t need to be a photographer. Just use a few tricks like putting in order the rooms, taking picture in a sunny day and photographing all the rooms, even the details that you consider important will surely make the difference.

You can also make a video of the entire accommodation, accompanying the client along the route and making a general overview for each room.


2 – Take good care of description.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a buyer and think about what he would like to know. Put the future tenant in charge of incidental or condominium expenses, describe all the rooms of the property with its characteristics. Provide useful and necessary informations but add the information important to you, in general is always better say one more thing than one less.

How many time you renounced an online purchase because the description was too thin? And we are not talking about a toaster here, but of a house.


3 – Your house need of renovation? Valorize.

Many sellers believe that having an old house that needs to be restored is an obstacle to selling or renting, but with a small restyling of the rooms it is possible to give new life to the accomodation even with a minimal budget.

Rearranging the room and moving the furniture you will discover new spaces, favor lightning with clear curtains that allow light to filter through, choose bedspreads and sofa covers with neutral colors to give a more elegant and clean image to the home.


4 – Evaluate the price, but not only it.

In measuring the value of your buyers offers, price is certainly the most important parameter, but not the only one. 

There are various condition that can make the difference, such as the loan that the buyer must obtain to finance the purchase, the amount of compromise and the date of the deed, important parameters to measure the seriousness of your interlocutors and calculate the probability that the negotiation will soon be completed.

Be guided by our Infoalloggi experts to manage all the practices, from acceptance of proposal to the registration of the contracts.