How can I register in order to access your services?

You can register through the button visible in every advert or by social media.

Does registering force me to subscribe?

Absolutely not, there is no obligation, but it allows you to save all the properties you might find interesting, so that you can view and compare them at your leisure.


What does the subscription do?

By subscribing you will receive all the useful information on the property and its owner, in order to directly contact him.

Will I be able to immediately receive the owner's information?

Trough the activation of the selected Pack, you will receive immediately all the information on your selected properties and the owner's contacts.


How do I search for a house?

You can search among all our properties directly from our homepage by selecting the municipality or the property code, alternatively you can select the typology of real estate from the top of our website.

What does “short-term rent” means?

Short-term rents are properties rented just for a short time,  it is a kind of rent thought for those who, due to work or personal matters, need to find a house for a specific period of time.


How much does Infoalloggi.it costs?

We offer packs based on the price of the property you are interested in, how long do you want to stay there, how many properties do you want to see. In order to find the perfect Pack for your needs, visit the page “How it works

Are there other expenses other than the price of a Pack?

No, the price stated on the pack is the only expense needed to find a property.


Why is there no brokerage?

Our system does not need a direct and “personal” action like it happens in a real estate agency, it instead allows the direct negotiation with the owner.

How can I contact you?

You can write us through the form on the page “Contacts” on our site, send us an email at web@infoalloggi.it , telephone us or by writing in our chat.


What do I find in my personal area?

The Reserved Area is a personal reserved space where you can manage in a fast and easy way the properties you have selected as "saved" o "compared". You will be able to evaluate in full autonomy what real estate to consider.

What password do I need to use for my Reserved Area?

You need to use the same password of the free registration.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

Recover you password is quick and easy, just reset it on the same page where you would log in.

How can I delete my Reserved Area?

It is not necessary, your Reserved Area will be automatically delete at the expiration of the purchased pack..


How can I  use your Free Pack promotional service?

It's really easy, you just need to clock on the "purchase" button under the Free Pack in your Personal Area or in the section "How it works".

How long does the free service lasts?

The Free Pack lasts 30 days, so that you can see how our service works, if you instead choose to Subscribe to another pack immediately, we will add the 30 days to the length of the purchased pack.

Is there any pack with the satisfied or reimbursed option?

Infoalloggi offers some Packs that at their expiration date, if the property has not been rented, will reimburse you with a pack of the same value.